France remembers victims with music

by brittneytok


On November 13, France was devastated by terrorist attacks that claimed 130 lives in Paris. Today, citizens and survivors attended a national remembrance ceremony where musicians performed to honor the victims.

The audience consisted of 2,000 people, families of victims, and wounded survivors. French President Francois Hollande insisted all citizens hang the national blue, red and white tricolour flag from their windows in homage of those who died. Mr. Hollande vowed, “we will sing even more. We will hold more concerts and shows.” I’ve always believed that music can universally connect people and even though one of the shattering attacks occurred during an Eagles of Death Metal concert, music can still be used to express various emotions of mourning and healing.

Musicians that played during the ceremony were chosen to resemble the same age as the victims. Images were shown and names were read aloud of those who died. Several of the victims had careers in the music industry.

This is a time where people from all over the world can come and stand together when support is needed. Several artists have made efforts to aid those affected with their music. For example, Foo Fighters released a free mini-album to provide musical relief with the goal that “these songs can bring a little light into this sometimes dark world,” frontman Grohl said. Duran Duran is also donating proceeds of sales to charity to help the people of France. People can turn to music in times of grief and relate to others who are experiencing similar feelings. Music has the ability to unite people across cities, countries, and the world.

Tragedies like these need support from anyone and everyone. There are ways to help victims survivors. You can donate to the French Red Cross (donations can be accepted in English) and local organizations that work to fight poverty and assist victims.

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