In the Age of Social Media

by brittneytok

Social Media

In recent years, social media has grown to play a key role in how we communicate. Studies have shown that 81% of PR professionals feel that social media is necessary for their job. Various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and blogs have emerged to become sources we use to find out information that we care about. Organizations can benefit from using social media in various ways and through different situations.

An artist can tweet updates about an upcoming album release and tour, so their fans are aware of this information. A company can create an interactive website to attract potential consumers and educate the public on a product they are selling. This can also be known as driving lead acquisition. Companies are working hard to generate new and maintain current consumers. These products may even be reviewed by other sites, which creates more media coverage on several social media outlets. Companies can control the conversation about their brand by utilizing social media to their advantage.

Social media can be used as a tool for how a brand presents itself to its publics. Organizations use their social media platforms to build brand awareness among its customer base. They provide content that makes them unique and appealing to their fans, that of which is different than their competitors.

Although social media can be easily used to advertise what is positive, platforms can also address the negative. A shared goal of public relations and social media is reputation management. The use of social media in times of a crisis can make or break a company.

The use of social media promotes a more intimate relationship between brands and their customer base. Social media offers a fast and easy way to directly connect and communicate with an audience. Public relations should continue embracing the power of social media, because it is a driving force of today’s society.

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