5 Tips to Reposition a Brand’s Reputation

by brittneytok


A brand’s reputation is based on the image perceived by its public and reflected from its values. It’s fair to say that some companies make mistakes that can put them in a negative light. Public relations can reposition and improve a brand’s reputation after an issue or crisis evolves. Here are some tips on how to strategically accomplish this:

  • Understand what complaints your brand is receiving from its public. The public is your main fan and consumer base, so it’s important to listen to their opinions about what they are unhappy about. Brands should be willing to understand because it shows that they care about the needs of their consumers.
  • Be proactive to prevent an issue from becoming a crisis. Addressing an issue requires planning out the necessary steps of action to take. Once an issue surfaces, handling it faster to prevent it from turning into a bigger problem limits the potential for surprises.
  • Be quick to respond or apologize to consumers. Immediately addressing these complaints is a great, personal way to show you are handling the issue. Using social media gets faster responses out to consumers who are following the situation and looking for results. It’s better to build relationships and ensure consumers are satisfied, rather than unhappy.
  • Be transparent. This seems like a simple task, but it is crucial that brands are honest and truthful about the issue that has evolved. Customers are more willing to understand what went wrong if companies are sincere. Making up excuses for mistakes can damage the brand’s reputation and lose its following.
  • Control the conversation about your brand. Only you understand your brand better than anyone else so ensure that the brand is consistent with its consumers. Work internally to understand what is being presented to the public.

Having an active PR strategy can help confront issues as they arise and ultimately, improve a brand’s reputation. A brand is only as strong as its reputation viewed by the public.