Boost of Music Industry through Streaming

by brittneytok


With the emergence of new streaming services, physical album sales have declined. Technology today allows fans to access music from digital distribution sites, such as Spotify and Pandora. Streaming services have provided listeners with a more convenient way to hear their favorite music digitally.

According to Daily Mail, “the number of stream equivalent albums has increased year-on-year by almost 80%”. As a result, album sales have dropped about 4% since listeners are choosing to use streaming services. Interestingly enough, total music consumption has grown because of these sites.

Streaming services attract listeners because it caters to their needs. They provide fans with an easy way to find music they enjoy and allow them to discover new music they may like, based on their previously listened to tracks. All of the different music genres and artists are available through these sites, so it becomes effortless to find music.

Spotify has become one of the largest streaming platforms, with its 75 million listeners. Spotify allows fans to search artists, song, and albums and play them on demand. In addition, users can create playlists and discover similar music. It can also be integrated with a Facebook account, so it is easy to follow friends and learn what they’re listening to.

Pandora is another service that has users choose a song or artists and recommends song that are alike. With over a million songs available, users can “like” or “dislike” songs. That way, their music stations become personalized and provide the listener with a better music experience.

This digital way of distributing music to the public has made it easier for fans to access their favorite music and to explore related music. Millions of songs are available through these streaming services and directly reach listeners. Because of this, these sites have provided the music industry with the opportunity to expand and reach a wider audience.

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